The Best Shells...
The best shelling experience is not on Egmont Key, but rather at Shell Key island. And we take you there as part of your Egmont Key adventure.

Shell Key is a wildlife preserve, and here you'll see many creatures for spawning and nesting, including many species of birds, sea turtles, and horseshoe crabs. You'll also see cownose rays, and devil rays. These rays are virtually harmless, and they are a sight to see. 

Use your snorkel and mask to find the best shells. The snorkeling at Shell Key is fascinating, and its a great place to see starfish, rays, horseshoe crabs, and many different live shells, like conchs. With the waters only being 3 feet deep, its very family friendly for the younger snorkelers.

Avoid the crowded boats! Get more time snorkeling!

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Private Half-Day Cruises to Egmont Key. 
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Dolphins, Snorkeling, Shelling and Swimming
Come with us as we depart from St Pete Beach to Egmont Key for a half-day private snorkeling adventure. On this cruise you get a fasinating history tour, and plenty of fun family snorkeling. And if you are new to snorkeling, our crew will give you training and guidance on how to snorkel and have a great time.  

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